Thursday, May 3, 2018



Tie up at Shinumo Falls & Trailhead. Went in for a short little hike to Shinumo and then a longer jaunt up over the ridges and pass to Bass Mine. 

Tom, Erica and Cassie hanging out at the base of the falls. Very fun and fit group of guides and crew. Erica lead the hike up over the pass to the mine after miles of rowing the Colorado.

Jazzick being Jazzick. We ended up hanging out together and sharing a beer here and there. Very funny guy with a long drawn out Eastern European accent. After the trip he would occasionally leave funny phone messages that I kept for years to play back

Hiking up Shinumo Creek Trail. It was early may so the temperatures weren't too hot and we were all headed up to an old mine way up on the other side of the crest of the mountain

Trail leading up in the general direction of Burro Canyon

Lots of switchbacks going up from the riverside. There was a small group of us from Arizona River Runners that decided to join Erica on this little jaunt. 

Erica and the crew hiking up above Bass Camp and up into the upper plateau. It was a great weather and the higher we got, the more spread out the canyons got and all the surrounding canyons opened up and you could see the watersheds.

Looking down into the Colorado River and me getting a great tan

Quick sketch from the ridge looking down into the Colorado River. If you look close in the lower right corner there is a group of oar boats & kayaks whipping through Bass Rapids. The shear size and scale of this place dwarfs any manmade object that is planted in it.

      Looking South across into Bass Canyon. Looking upstream on the Colorado River on the left.

4 X 11" pencil sketch across the canyon. This gigantic battleship of a peak towers right above our camp down on the Colorado River

A beautiful panorama looking down to the Colorado where we just floated down from. It always amazes me the people have existed here for thousands of years, survived and traveled through this wilderness

Looking North down into Burro Canyon and Spencer Terrace in the distance 

The view north just before you crest the ridge down to the mining camp.

A 22" X 8" drawing. colored pencil on toned paper. I really enjoyed just sitting there and watching all the rotating water eddies swirling around, appearing and disappearing on the waters surface.

The view from our place at Bass Camp. 

Kyle and John. Kyle takes pictures of John taking pictures of the sunset, John then takes pictures of Kyle taking pictures of him then they reverse positions and at one point they simple face each other and shoot away.

Little storm moving in behind the sunset ridge

Morning at Bass Camp. One of the prettiest spots you could ever ask for. Looking up West towards Spencer's terrace.

Before everyone starts loading the gear after breakfast I sketched out a peaceful little moment where one of our crew takes a coffee break laying out on one of the oar boats. One of my favorite times of the day was early morning as everything slowly started to stir and there was time to wander and draw.

Somewhere around Hakatai Canyon, about a 111 miles in. Another leisurely morning drifting along the currents.

Erica whipping through Hakatai Rapid. I stood on the back of the oar boat held on with a rope tied on my belt and bouncing on the sturdy outer tube.

Dont know exactly what this landmark is. Someone mentioned "Molly's Nipple", sounded about right with me. I wasn't going to argue.

A beautiful little stand of water-polished vertical boulders right before Waltenberg Rapids. We just floated around these and the little pine trees that were growing out of the cracks in the stone.

Granite Gorge where the Colorado starts to bend around Marcos Terrace. The Colorado River has to make a U-Shaped turn around this massive stone block plateau to continue its path downstream. 

Erica rowing through Waltenberg Rapid. A rated 6/14 ft. drop that's a just "read-and-ride" piece of whitewater. Fun little jaunt. 

The tie-off for the hike up to Elves Chasm. A nice short little hike up to a jump-off waterfall and refreshing swim.

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